2016 Victorian Education Excellence Awards Finalists Announced

Specialist Setting Teacher Assistants have been shortlisted to the top three in the Victorian Education Excellence Awards under the category of Outstanding Education Support. The Victorian Education Excellence Awards recognise outstanding leadership and innovation in Victorian government schools. The Honourable James Merlino MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, has invited all finalists to celebrate their success is a prestigious Education Excellence Awards ceremony held at the Plaza Ballroom at the Regent Theatre.


‘We believe, without question, that all students can learn and it is the right for all students, disability or not, to access quality teaching in every lesson, every day. The Specialist Setting staff proudly embrace the above initiatives to suit a special education environment. We develop strategies to suit every student, whether they have their classes in the mainstream or special education area of the school, through their own individual education plan. Our goal is to reduce the perception of 'difference' in our school and wider community. By promoting diversity we recognise the value of all people and consequently become richer as a society.’ Specialist Setting Staff


An article about the Maryborough Education Centre Specialist Setting can be found on the Education Department Website with the heading ‘Flourishing in an Inclusive School’.  

‘Integrating mainstream and supported classes on one site, the school’s exceptional team of teacher assistants is providing a boost to learning and social outcomes that are far exceeding initial expectations. The team describes an ‘unexpected magic’ between its mainstream and special students, with positive outcomes for both anticipated well into the future. The teacher assistants provide support and mentoring to their colleagues, students and families alike – easing the way for students of all abilities to achieve in academic, interpersonal and social arenas. The proud team has watched a number of students transition entirely into mainstream classes, while others move seamlessly in and out of areas based on their needs.’

Specialist Setting Teacher Assistants would like to recognise the work of all their colleagues at Maryborough Education Centre.