Gill Callister opens 2016 AASE/PASS Conference

The 2016 AASE/PASS Conference was opened this morning by Gill Callister.  There are over 400 delegates attending this year's conference from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and USA.  This year's conference is a joint venture between The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Association of Special Education and the Principals’ Association of Specialist Schools and is being held at the Crown Promenade complex on Southbank in Melbourne on Thursday, 9th and Friday, 10th June 2016.

The Conference’s theme will be “Learner at the Centre” with five strands - Educational Intervention, Child Protection, Ethical Considerations, Transitions and Working in Partnerships.

AASE and PASS have on-going reputations for excellent conferences and we are working hard to ensure this record continues in 2016. 

Gill commenced as Secretary of the Victorian Department of Education and Training on 1 January 2015. Before joining the Department, Gill was Secretary of the Department of Human Services (2009 to 2014) and led policy, legislative and service delivery reform. In this role, Gill led an organisation of more than 11,000 staff with an annual budget of approximately $4 billion. She was responsible for the delivery of child protection, disability, youth, housing and family violence services. 

Gill began her career in the community sector serving disadvantaged Victorians. Gill then led child protection, family services and mental health units within the Department of Human Services and, in 2009, was Deputy Secretary at Skills Victoria. Gill was a Board member of the Swinburne University Council from 2010 to 2012. 

Gill is President of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (Victoria). Her leadership in public policy was recognised in 2013 when she was named in the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence, and received a Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship to attend Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In October 2014, Gill was awarded the IPAA National Fellowship award and a Monash University Fellowship. 

Gill holds Bachelor degrees in Social Work (with Honours) and Arts.